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    Applicable markets

  • Physical training centers (Fitness Center, Sports Center).

  • Airlines,Police office,Fire station,Military,Subway,Governmental office. Spa, Beauty shop, Golf station.

  • Department store, Health food store, Drugstore.

  • Consulting rooms in the company.

  • General Practioner and small clinics.


  • Main Body

  • PPG Probe

  • Power adaptor

  • USB Interface

  • Program S/W CD

  • Dimension : 150(W) X 135(D) X 35(H)mm 240 VAC, 0.4A, 50-60Hz

Patent (Korea)  Patent (Japan) FDA CE CFDA
  • Built Oriental Reference for the 1st in the world and get its Patent.
  • Clinical reference research at the alliance of 8 major hospitals in Korea

This device can measure the autonomic nerve system, stress status, cardiac dysfunction and prediction of sudden death (work oneself to death), by analyzing the minute change in heart beat. It can also diagnose the peripheral blood circulation disorder with the pulse waveforms.

You should take a test if you have the below mentioned symptoms.
Symptoms of excessive stress


  • Chronic fatigue every in the morning.
    Depression, anxiety, nervousness or fidget

  • Obesity caused by excessive stress, hypertension or diabetes.

  • Headache, sleep disorder, myalgia, palpitation or oppression.

  • Functional indigestion or neurogenic stomachache

  • Failure of the concentration & memory.


Symptoms of blood circulation disorder

  • Numb feeling or cramp in extremity.

  • Freezing extremity.

  • Dizziness or amnestic syndrome.

  • High accuracy and reliability with authorized algorithm.

  • It’s easy and simple to complete measurement within 3/5 min.

  • Automatic interpretation.

  • Clinical experiences for over 10 years.

Test Result

APG Report


Your vessel state and blood circulation are very good. You are recommended to keep the current condition with the proper life tendency and regular physical exercisee.

HRV Report

Compared with the mean heart rate of healthy people, yours is lower. Autonomic nerve function and the metabolic modulation function are normal. Fatigue index has been slightly heightened.
Parasympathetic nerve has been activated, so you may feel gloomy, depressed and unenthusiastic emotional
Your physical stress level and stress resistance are in the middle level. Mental stress level is good but as you are extremely emotional, you may feel gloomy, depressed, and unenthusiastic. You need to have relaxation with exercise, climbing and travel

Dietary supplements like Folic acid, Omega3 fatty acid and Tryptophan will be helpful. For exercise prescriptions, it may be helpful if you do regular exercise, take sunshine, and get consulting with professionals.

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